The Astronaut “Baldrick” Sash

Astonaut SashThe Drum Major of the Space Coast Highlanders wears a specially made Drum Major “baldrick” to commemorate the U.S. astronauts who have died in spacecraft disasters sacrificing their lives to humanity.

The Drum Major baldrick is a sash worn over the left shoulder by Drum Majors of the British, Scottish and Irish Armed Forces to display the battle honors won by the regiment.  The Space Coast Highlanders band’s sash is similar to the regiments baldrick as it also displays the Queen’s crown and her reign (EIIR), miniature drum sticks signifying a trained Drum Major and its badge and coat of arms — but in this particular case, the spacecraft and motto, “Florida’s Space Coast”.  Next comes a scroll that reads, “In memory of the astronauts who sacrificed their lives for humanity.”  Underneath the scroll are 18 single scrolls each bearing the name of an astronaut.  It is interesting to note here that a miniature pin bearing the likeness of the red on yellow Scottish lion is pinned next to Laura Clark’s named scroll.  Laura Clark was very proud of her ancestry and had her wake up call on the Space Shuttle to the tune of Scotland the Brave.

The Astronaut commemorate sash was designed by Joe Leonard – a former Drum Major of the City of Melbourne Pipes and Drums, which was renamed The Space Coast Highlanders in 2016.

In Memory of...
Band Sash Details
Jay McClure
Jay McClure in full regalia wearing the commemorate Drum Major baldrick – 2018


Drum Major in Sharp Blue
Melbourne Welcome Home Parade 2003